Saturday, November 1, 2008

Riley's collarbone... doing incredibly well!!! Here we are just over 2 weeks since she broke it and she is doing great! You would really never even know she broke her collarbone. WE would barely know if it weren't for ER bills!!!! Ugh. Occasionally she will protect it if she gets bumped a little or something and she knows her limits which is awesome. She saw her pediatrician a week after the incident and he said that broken clavicles are the most common seen fracture in pediatrics. He also said he won't re-X-ray unless we want to. No thank you. Another plus is that children heal a lot faster than adults. Travis read online that a broken clavicle in a young child may heal as soon as 3 weeks after breaking it. And I would say that is absolutely the case here. She is just doing so much better than what we expected. Don't get me wrong, it was rough for a little while but things are fine lately. Below are a few pictures of her during the first week after breaking it...she had just slight discoloration and the pictures don't show it well at all. The first two are of that discoloration/bruising. Then below those are some pictures of the yellowish bruising a few days later. Not bad at all! We are glad she is doing so well!! (I know I have said that a lot, but we are so grateful!)


Brandon and Emily said...

Oh my heck! I am so glad Riley is doing better! What a tough girl! If you guys need anything let us know. Paying bills are never fun.

will, jess, gabbie, kensie, cambrie... said...

bless her little heart! i went back and read what happened with her collar bone, that is crazy...but, kids will be kids, what can you do? it is great that her bone is healing so well.