Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Green Halloween

So for Halloween, Omniture (the company Trav works for) puts on this massively incredible Halloween party and every one's families can come in and trick or treat at all the cubicles in the different departments. There aren't words to describe it all but basically each department comes up with a theme and they decorate their departments for that theme...and when I say decorate...I mean DECORATE in a massive way!!! Build, paint, bring in leaves, real grass, whatever it may be that they need to make their theme come to life. The departments get judged also and the top three winning departments get prize money to celebrate. And they give out money for the best costumes worn by employees. First place costume won $1000!!! YEAH. A THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! Can you see why I am excited about Omniture's Christmas party??! They sure know how to party. They go all out and are amazing at entertaining! It was the first time we got to see where Travis worked, too so that was kind of fun. And as for the title of this post saying green, it's just their [Omniture's] color. Their logo and everything is green. are a few of the many pictures... Travis took well over a hundred of all the decorating and I don't have the time or patience to upload them...but I know all that anyone really care about is seeing our girls anyway, right?? Here is Riley trying on her costume the week prior to Halloween. Notice Mickey lying beside her on the floor! I don't think we could have picked a better thing for Ri to dress up as. She is so in love with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now. We got this costume at The Disney was a little more than we had planned to spend, but it was just so darn cute. And we even got it for 50% off. We never would have bought it at the full price!! The dress and gloves were originally $40!!! and the ears $8. So we felt the $25 we paid was sort of a deal! Isabelle trying on her lion costume a few weeks before Halloween
Here are the girls at home while I was trying to get them ready to go!
Riley checking out Isabelle's lion costume This was in the stairwell leading to the department that had decorated with a theme of Superheroes or something...that's what Travis said. Some examples of other themes were The Wild West, Candyland, Men in Black and some other movies, Mini golf course, The Wizard of Oz, Sherwood forest/medieval-type....etc... But I thought this wall looked so amazing. It was dark except for the black light and the words WHY SO SERIOUS? were painted over the collage of pictures.
Trick or treat!!
Isabelle sitting in the grass at Omniture while they were announcing prizes She wasn't very cooperative for pictures on Halloween Riley outside at Omniture She was so stinkin' cute but the Minnie Mouse gloves that came with her costume were a little too big. But she left them on for quite awhile, surprisingly.
Riley hanging out in Daddy's cubicle after trick or treating...nose make-up smeared and candy on her face!!
I was a cat...don't get me wrong, I loved a couple of the suggestions that I got but this was just as easy and quick as could be! Put on some black clothes, cat ears, a tail, and some make-up...Voila! and Riley knows and loves animals so a cat was something she could appreciate!
Girls playing with daddy in his cubicle
Travis the caddy at his desk. His department did a mini golf course...and they gave away an I-Pod touch to the person who had the best score!!!
Isabelle with dad....she looks like a boy, huh??? Poor girl!


The Burrups said...

they both look so cute!and you make a really cute cat jenna it sounds like they had alot of fun stuff at the party.

Darcy and Adam said...

Yay! The girls look soooo cute. I love it. I will post pictures of Adam and me soon! Promise!

will, jess, gabbie, kensie, cambrie... said...

they look so cute, and they are growing so fast! time flies!