Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pics of Trav's Birthday

So for Travis' birthday on Tuesday things were pretty low key. After work he came home, I had made dinner, after dinner we had cake, and he opened a couple presents. I had given him his big gift about a month early (it was too big to hide and I couldn't wait) so he just had a couple small things to open. But I have pics of when he got his big gift, too. Also, since it was Tuesday night I had school so he babysat the girls for his birthday. Poor guy. Oh...we also had gone out to dinner on the previous Saturday at Joe's CrabShack. And while he was at work on Tuesday I helped both girls make a birthday cards for Travis. We put photos on them and did hand prints of the girls. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of yeah.

This was Trav's big AB Lounge Ultra. He has been wanting one of these for a long, long time. And we both really like it!!
Testing it out! Feel the burn. ha ha

Here is Izzy trying to get in on the action and see what daddy is doing
I didn't have enough green icing to write out the word "Birthday" so it just said "Happy 27th Daddy, Love you!" and instead of 27 candles, I grouped 2 then 7 candles together for 27.
Here is Riley giving daddy his gift from the girls. He is obsessed with Harry Potter and has wanted the official "Gryffindor house tie" for ages. I ordered it online from The Noble Collection. Let's just say it was more than I want to pay for a tie...but oh well. Anything daddy wants, he gets! I didn't take any other pics of gifts, like once it was opened...but it is maroon with gold diagonal stripes. I am sure he will wear only this tie now even though he has at least 20 others. I also made him a photo book of pictures of our family on It's super cute and he took it to work so he can see our happy faces all the time :)
Daddy with his girls. Also: Riley loves the birthday song...ever since she turned two she has gone around singing, "Happy Birthday to Riley, happy birthday to Riley. Happy birthday to Riley....happy birthday to Riley" And so when I told her it was daddy's birthday...she sang "Happy Birthday to Daddy" all day long. There is a clip of it below. It's pretty cute, we think... :)

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John said...

Trav - for liking Harry Potter, you are a Dungle-dork