Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...

This is something to celebrate...

This Christmas will be the FOURTH we have celebrated since getting married...but it is our FIRST time ever putting up a tree. Christmas #1 was spent in Coeur d'Alene pre-kids. No need for a tree if we won't be home. Christmas #2 was in Pennsylvania when Riley was 4 months old. We still felt there was no need for a tree. Last year Isabelle was born December 10th. And we were spending the holiday back in Coeur d' again...we felt it wasn't worth the hassle. This year we decided to stay home for Christmas...which meant it was finally time for us to invest in some holiday decor. We bought a tree, some lights, and ornaments at Wal-Mart...and we were super excited. We planned to wait until after Thanksgiving to put up our tree. But then Sunday afternoon rolled around and it felt like the perfect time to have some family fun. So we put up the tree!!! I cannot take much credit though. Travis did most of the work. And I took pictures :)
Early in the process. This is the part I helped most with, sticking the branches in and spreading them out...
I think Riley was pretty excited.
The tree together pre-decorating
Isabelle thinking the tree box is cooler than the tree itself. That's kids for ya!
Travis put lights and balls on the tree but left the bottom branches un-decorated so we could let Riley put some on. The girls were in their room for this part until we were ready for them.
Isabelle with some decorations that we have collected in past Christmases; finally a place to display them!
Riley helping decorate!

Check out all these ornaments!

Izzy checking out the tree. She was pretty interested.
This is Riley when we let the girls back out of their room. She was super excited to get out and help with finishing touches.
Daddy and girls decorating
Mommy and girls. We have to keep the couches over-lapping for now. Too big a temptation for the girls. Thankfully only ONE glass ball was lost in the process. Riley broke it and was not hurt luckily.

Not bad for our first time huh? Or not bad for Trav's first time, really! I feel really fond of it :)

Isabelle is so into the tree. And Riley has been in time out a few times today for trying to take off ornaments. Not bad though.


Gemma said...

Glad you are celebrating this Christmas at your home.....

Megan said...

Your tree is super cute! AND WOW is Izzy starting to look like Riley. Maybe she has been all along, and I just missed it, but in these pics its really prominent! Enjoy the holiday season!

Darcy and Adam said...

Cute! We have a tiny tree that cost about 3 dollars and stands about 15 inches tall. It'll do for our first Christmas!