Thursday, August 28, 2008

S is for...

simplicity, smiles, sweets, sunshine, swimming, swinging, summer, sleeping (pictures!) and SISTERS!

I could go on...but I won't. The other day I tried snapping some pics of the girls together. It didn't go so well. See below.

Someone was not too happy. She didn't want to sit still for me.

She was singing Itsy Bitsy Spider... "down came the rain and WASHED THE SPIDER OUT"

Riley and Uncle Brad!

Sleepy girl!
Both of our girls asleep on the floor. This is totally rare for Izzy

Moving day was a bit much for Riley....she couldn't even eat her pizza. (Actually she did pick the cheese and pepperoni off and eat those)

The videos here were all recorded while we were in Pennsylvania...the one below of Izzy is hilarious. Alyce's boyfriend was just bouncing a stuffed penguin up and down and Izzy just loved it!



Dot and Rich said...

What precious little girls you have!

Aaron ♥ Vivian said...

i love the videos they are so adorable. and i cant believe how big they both have gotten. they are beautiful!

Darcy and Adam said...

Yay for all the new blogs! I've been waiting :) Hope the new place is nice and you're adjusting to Utah. The girls look SO big... and they're DARLING. I miss you guys. We just moved to Rexburg... where are you when I want to play with little girls?!

Love you guys.