Monday, August 25, 2008

P is for...

From July 31-August 5 we flew back east to my hometown. My mom paid for our airfares (thank you, mom!) and we took the opportunity. This will be the last flying trip we make since we will be having to pay for three airfares now that Riley is TWO. Let's just say we wouldn't want to travel again any time soon anyway. We are totally traveled out and exhausted. Now, as for the PA trip...some of the highlights were eating at some of my favorite restaurants that are only back home. That stuff is always a must for me. One of the places we ate was the country club where I used to waitress. I love that place! Every first Sunday in August my mom's mom's side of the family has a reunion at a park and it's basically a potluck and then everyone just sits around catching up and playing games. Riley had lots of fun on the playground there. I got to see old friends and family. The last time we were in Pennsylvania was when Riley was 4 months old. So it had been over a year and a half since I had been home! It was Izzy's first PA experience. The highlight for Riley had to have been our trip to Pittsburgh's Zoo!!! It was so great to see all the animals.

Isabelle with Aunt Maria
Daddy and Izzy
Sisters. Not sure what I was doing...trying to avoid my pic being taken, I am sure.
Izzy and Ria.
Riley eating strawberries
Sweet Isabelle Jane
One of the tigers at the zoo.
Grandma Debbie, Riley, Daddy, Izzy
Zebras! I thought these were so beautiful! I had never seen them live/in person.

Some kind of weird looking fish.
and Nemo, too!
Riley looking at some fish in the aquarium
Polar bear
Izzy in the aquarium
Riley and Daddy

The zoo just welcomed TWO baby elephants in July! So we got to see them!

Riley watching gorillas, I think. Crocodiles. They didn't even look real, they never moved or blinked an eye.
Riley with grandma looking at the lions
Playing in the bubbles with my Aunt Val

This was so cute! Izzy loved the swing!

Eating out.

Riley and Aunt Ria


I have hundreds more pictures, of course...especially of animals at the zoo. But these were a few of the best or my favorites. There. I blogged. YAY.


The Burrups said...

hey jenna, Riley and izzy look so cute in the pics. sounds like you had fun going back home. I wish i could go home i haven't been since i was pregnant with Bri. We miss you guys!

heather and ronnie said...

the pics are so cute! yeah for being out east! hope your move went well! miss ya.

Amanda said...

what a fun trip. That zoo looks amazing. It doesn't look like a zoo it looks like you are in the wild looking st the animals. Hope you guys are getting settled in Orem.