Thursday, August 28, 2008

Riley's Birthday! for Riley's 2nd Birthday on Saturday we just had a few close friends and family over for cake and ice cream. John, Dana, and their two girls Hailee and Cameron were here as well as our friends Megan and Matt and their two kids, Blake and Mailey. Riley got pretty spoiled for a two year old. We did all our shopping at the Disney store. She got a stuffed Nemo, a stuffed Mickey, and figurines from The Little Mermaid and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And a couple books. Hailee brought her a new CareBears DVD (which she loves!) And Blake and Mailey brought a book, coloring book, crayons, and candy. (More things she LOVES) so great job on the gifts, everyone. Grandma and Grandpa Anderson got her an outfit and a play vacuum that sings and makes fun noises. Grandpa Odasso (and Rachel, Taryn, and April) sent both girls shirts from the Disney Store, got them both savings bonds, and sent Riley a little bit of money to get herself something. And Grandma Debbie sent Riley flowers (which she loves)with balloons and a stuffed PINK elephant. And an Old Navy gift card! This is my favorite place to shop for the girls clothes! Thank you to EVERYONE who made Riley's day! She liked opening the presents. The books we bought her were one of the first gifts to get opened and she immediately brought one to me and said, "Read it." And she still had lots of gifts to open so it was funny. She understood opening the presents at least...she just was a little slow about it. Christmas should be a blast though!

There's the paci we just got rid of!!! YAY!

The birthday girl I have no idea how.why this picture got turned around...but there's the cake. Nothing fancy like her last year's Elmo cake...but it was yummy. Anytime I have to make a cake I to the funfetti kind with sprinkles in the cake and icing. YUM! Hailee, Blake, and Izzy watching Riley open gifts Donald Duck! Sugar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the video of everyone singing Happy Birthday...Riley was kind of embarrassed I guess. But when I watch it she will sing along with it. We tried to get her used to the idea of having the song sung to her by singing it to her all that day but I guess the crowd made it too much for her!

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