Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So far behind I'm not sure where to begin!

I know, I've been doing some serious slacking lately. The past several months have felt really busy. And I just kept telling myself to wait until school was done and things would slow down. Yeah right. I have come to realize that no matter what, life won't slow down. So now I am trying to figure out how to catch up and stay with it. There is always plenty going on to distract me from the things I need to do! I wouldn't even care to try to catch up if this blog weren't acting as my journal. But because I am a poor record keeper, I need to at least mention the goings-on of our lives.

So....this may be one MASSIVE catch up post in hopes that once I am finally caught up I will feel less overwhelmed and stay up to date better. Here's hoping, any way!

Riley has been loving preschool thus far. I have posted a time or two about it, I think but I never posted about the September or October field trips. In September we went to Hogle Zoo. Yes, we go there all the time but on that particular trip to the zoo it was our first time to see the new baby elephant. Who is so, so cute, by the way! And then in October we went to the Vineyard Garden Center in Orem because they have a corn maze and other fun stuff set up for fall. The girls both got mini pumpkins and had lots of fun seeing small farm animals.

October was graduation, which at least I DID post about. My mom flew out from Pennsylvania for a few days. We went to the zoo. Again. We love it every time. Even I do. Baby monkey. It was SO cute. Unfortunately the fence is what the camera was more focused on.

Trav's work. I am always making some sort of dumb face when he tries to photograph me.

And then of course, Travis became an Adobe employee and Omniture became "Omniture An Adobe Company".
And then there was Halloween. There was trunk-or-treat at preschool and Trick or treating at Omniture (An Adobe company)and the girls made out with tons of sugar. We still have some.
Izzy reused Riley's Minnie Mouse costume from last year. And Riley, after changing her mind SEVERAL times decided she wanted to be a WITCH.
Trav's birthday was in October. AND I made probably 10 batches of sugar cookies as well. Not just for his birthday, but through out the month. Because Travis requested them several times and because one week at preschool was Riley's snack week. Guess that's exaggerating a little. It was more like 7 batches. Still. I know I ate way too many cookies during the month.

And lastly, in keeping up with my picture taking, I took several dozen MORE pictures. I have thousands of pictures of my kids by now. And I don't know what I will ever do with all of them but I have trouble just keeping the good ones. Because even the ones that aren't that great still are funny or quirky in some way. At least I can see the good in things, I guess.

Riley's hair getting SO long!
This is NATURAL curl in Isabelle's hair. I love it. Travis and Randee. Not sure what else to say about this pic.
Riley decided her long hair may need a trim and took about 3-4 inches off a small section in the front. Thankfully I caught her before much damage was done. That was a close one!Ri was jumping here and the picture turned out so funny but so cute.
Whew. All that posting photos has me worn out. ;) So that's all for today. Coming soon: an update on what we did in November. At least I am almost caught up!

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Latissa and Scott Graham said...

Jenna I miss you dang it! Lets get together!! What are you doing lately? Do you have time for an old friend? :(