Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sweet Baby Jack!

Passed out.

Jack is so, so cute!! I snapped about 30 pictures of him already. He already doesn't like his Aunt Jenna because of the camera attached to my face. I'm okay with that. My girls are sick of pictures, too!

Of course, newborns sleep all the time, and trying to get a picture of them with their eyes open is difficult. Haven't had much luck yet. But here are some photos. Babies are just as precious asleep as awake, anyway!

He has slept basically the entire time we have been around him. I have only heard him cry when getting his diaper changed. Otherwise, he is content and quiet as a mouse!! Such a good first baby! I remember having Riley and she was such an easy baby and that makes transitioning to parenthood so nice!
Eyes open! But mad at me for the flashing lights in his face!!

Aunt Randee
Riley and Izzy checking out their new cousin with Grandma Barb
Isabelle is totally smitten. She just wants to hold him and touch him. Don't worry, we were sanitizing hands like crazy and not letting her touch him too much!
But she couldn't resist giving him some cousin loves! Precious!!
Look at Izzy's goofy/cheesy happy face! So funny. AND...can I just say look how gorgeous Darcy looks!! She always looks great, but she is beaming and thrilled! And so is Adam, of course...he is so busy right now though!! So I haven't gotten any pictures of him with Jack.


Nate and Jenny said...

He's adorable!

Latissa and Scott Graham said...

SOOOO cute!! Oh I just can't wait till my little bundle of joy comes in 6 months!! yay!!