Thursday, December 3, 2009

'Tis the season...

to give thanks. I think it's stupid that there is a season for it. I know it's a good thing because it gets some people to think about it more than usual, but just for the record, I feel deeply grateful for many things ALL THE TIME.
I am constantly thinking of all the wonderful things I have to be grateful for or about.

BUT, in the spirit of the season, I wanted to make a list of some of the things I am thankful for

  • life and to be alive
  • a husband who I love and who is my best friend in the whole world
  • a husband who is able to provide for the basic needs of our family
  • his job
  • two healthy, smart, gorgeous daughters
  • our home
  • our health
  • to be a woman
  • to be a wife
  • to be a mom
  • to have had the opportunity to go to school and do something I love
  • a supportive family
  • parents and siblings
  • Trav's parents and siblings
  • good friends
  • all the THINGS I have that make life so nice and easy (I know they aren't important and won't matter once this life ends, but they do make it so nice!) Seriously, everything we own, I am thankful to have it: clothes, my bed, vacuum cleaner, kitchen aid mixer, you name it.
  • technology
  • the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • the atonement
  • temples and covenants
  • chocolate
  • baked goods
  • yummy food
  • education
  • to live in America
  • to live in Utah (never thought I would feel that way!)
  • weaknesses that allow for growth and learning opportunities
  • trials that make me stronger
  • my body, what amazing things a body is capable of
  • my van
  • good movies
  • funny shows
  • free time (though it is a rarity)
  • extended families
  • modern medicine
  • hospitals
  • every blessing in my life
  • inspirational women
  • other people's blogs that give me inspiration and strength and motivation to be better and do more
  • goals
  • service
  • open mindedness
  • love

I think that covers a lot of it, anyway. There are obviously so many individual things I could list. And it would go on and on. But overall, I am just grateful. For everything I have in my life.