Friday, December 19, 2008

A post about our baby

Who is no longer a baby. Isabelle turned ONE on December 10th. Yes, it is hard to believe we have a toddler and not a baby anymore. SAD! But still fun. So I just wanted to post a little bit about what she is doing these days.
From this...

To one year. This picture was taken after she dug into her birthday cupcake.

A couple weeks ago she began walking. It was about time, she had teased us for months, standing on her own and attempting a step here and there. Below I have posted a video of her walking around. She sort of walks like she has been riding a horse with a little cowboy-type look. I love it! She is pretty steady on her feet.

The last year with Izzy has been filled with fun. She has added so much joy to our lives. And although it's only be a year, it is impossible to remember life before she came along. Her first few months were a challenge...she was colicky and never let me sleep between the hours of about 12:30 and 3:30. It was rough. There was even a time when I wasn't even sleeping in our bedroom but instead on the couch with Isabelle. It was tax season, after all and Travis was working for a CPA at the time so he needed sleep :)

At birth Izzy weighed about 6 pounds 14 ounces I believe. And now at a year she is almost 23 pounds. I think Riley weighed about 18.5 pounds at a year. So Izzy is our chunky monkey. She is beautiful and fun-loving. She likes to cuddle and wrestle.

She is so different from her big sister. But at times they are really great friends and it is fun to watch them play together. I often hear giggles coming from their bedroom...but as soon as they hear me coming, the giggling stops. I will catch it on video someday, I promise myself. Both girls play well on their own as well. Both like to dance. But differences include the fact that Isabelle never took to a pacifier and Riley was attached to hers until she turned 2. Izzy has hardly any hair, compared to what Riley had. I think Isabelle has at one year about as much hair as Riley had at 4-6 months old. Riley was never into baby dolls, it has always been about stuffed animals but Isabelle loves babies (dolls). The size difference... While both girls have measured tall Isabelle is thicker. She has a fun personality that is unique to her and I couldn't do it justice by just writing about it. She loves her big sister. She has always been a little more serious, making most work to get smiles or anything else from her. Although just in the last couple weeks it is like a switch has switched and she is warming up to people a lot faster. She loves her mom and dad.

I don't even know what else to say. She is starting to try talking more. Her vocabulary includes: ma ma, da da, ba ba, wa wa (for water), walk, step, tickle tickle tickle, WOW, hi....nothing too impressive I guess but those are some of her words. I am sure there are more that aren't coming to mind right now. She imitates a lot of the sounds and words we say. Before too long she will be just as talkative as her big sister I am sure.

Anyway, that's a little about Isabelle Jane and what she is like at one year. Now its on to year two of life and more new adventures!


Brooke said...

A year already... that means my baby is getting big too. I wish I could freeze Collin at the age he is. I love it! Isabella is so cute. I miss seeing you guys around. Hows utah?

Gallant Family said...

Holy Cow Jenna! So, it's been a while since I have checked out your blog...sorry...but so much has happened. Izzy does not even look the same!!! I think she's looking more like you. She has a ton of hair. Jonas's is still really thin which is weird because we both have thick hair. Anyway, you moved! I didn't even know that. We're going down to UT for Christmas. Brigham City to be exact. Everyone in my family lives in UT except me, obviously. Congrats on your grades. That is awesome you are going back to school. My aunt is a massage therapist. It is pretty cool. I think you might have my email address, but in case you don't, I would still love to be able to keep up on your blog. It is dana_marie_gallant{at}hotmail{dot}com

Well, have a Merry Christmas!!!

P.S. For the record, I still love the sleeping pics :0)