Monday, December 15, 2008


So this week is my big finals week for my first quarter of school. School has been a huge contributing factor to the lack of blogging. So if I am not posting regularly, you know I am busy. Hopefully during my couple week break from school I will play some catch up. I am looking forward to the break!

Friday night I had my second cadaver lab at the University of Utah. It is really a disgusting place. But it is interesting because we get to see dissections that allow us to see the different layers of muscle groups. This is beneficial because it's hard to see how the muscles lie by just looking at a drawing on a piece of paper. So while I am standing there thinking I may vomit or pass out or I need to go sit down, I am trying to convince myself to look past the smell and whatever else is bothering me to get the learning experience.

I had my reflexology final this past Tuesday and did really well. For those of you who don't know what Reflexology is, it is the manipulation of reflex areas of the feet and hands. These reflex areas correspond to different body parts and organs. I got a 98% on my written exam and a 99% on my hands on. The written was 100 points. and I only missed TWO questions. Then for the hands-on I gave another student a 50 minute session on their feet while the instructor comes around to watch and ask questions and make sure I know the different techniques and areas. The one point that was deducted was for not having my shirt tucked in. wasn't
"professional" oops. Lesson learned!

This week may just kill me though. I have my Anatomy final tomorrow night and I am cramming, cramming, cramming!!!!!!!!! I need to score an 83% on the final to get an "A" in the class. And that is one of my goals, to get a 4.0 in school all year. So basically if I get a "B" on the final, I can still have an "A" in the class. a 4.0 is considered 90-100% in all classes. And I believe anatomy is the hardest of all the classes, so I am super super stressed!!!
On Wednesday I will have my massage basics final which will consist of a hands-on and written exam like Reflexology. Then Thursday night I have my final Professional Development class. I have 3 assignments due. The first is a paper. It is part of an assignment called out speak and write vision. The paper is the write part of that. Then I have to make a vision board or book or some type of visual to give a presentation (the SPEAK part of that vision), the final assignment is fairly small...but everything that I am facing this week adds up to stress me out more than I wish it would.

So bear with me on the lack of posting and say prayers for my finals (thanks!), and have a Merry Christmas!!!

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