Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just about done!

I have only one last class to pass off before Christmas break officially starts! And since I don't keep a journal, I figured I better get on here and post my AMAZING grades from my finals so far!!!
In my first-aid class I think I had 100/100....yeah. 100% A
Reflexology: Written 98/100 and Hands-on: 99/100 A
Anatomy: 97/100 (on the final) THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had many quizzes and graded homework assignments during the quarter as final grade for the course: A
Massage Therapy Basics: Written: 97/100 Hands-On: 95/100 Other assignments during quarter included a hands-on evaluation that I scored a 24/25 on and a written assignment called Therapeutic Boundaries which I scored 50/50 on! YAY...ANOTHER A!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow (today,'s after midnight) is my Professional Development presentation (speak, write, and visual parts), and one other small assignment. I am hoping for another A.
I am an over-achiever, I can't help it!

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