Monday, May 16, 2011

So much to post about, so little time

And I am not sure where to begin...but I can start with, "Nope, still no baby."

So this is how I will pass some time as I wait "patiently".

This past week my friend Angela invited the girls and I to go to Thanksgiving Point's Farm Country with her and her three boys. Normally this kind of thing sounds like too much "work" for me being in my 9th month of pregnancy. But I am up for anything that gets me walking around these days. And let's face it, the girls deserved to get out and have some fun too!

We had not been to Farm Country before so it was something fun and new and exciting to the girls. Spring is a great time to go because 1- it isn't too hot yet and 2- there are baby animals!!
I would say the only down-side may have been that there were several school groups on field trips there...but still, it wasn't too bad.

Riley is a struggle for me to take almost anywhere because she is independent and doesn't like to listen to me... I have to repeat myself over and over and over like a broken record, I get frustrated, and then I start to get mean!! She wanted to run free and do/see whatever she pleased without staying with our group. She has no fear and doesn't understand crowded places and strangers and getting lost. It's a little scary to me.

Izzy on the other hand stays with me really well and listens pretty well too in crowded places. She just understands the safety of staying close to me and keeping me in her sight. Complete opposites!! Izzy's only complaint the whole time was telling me how "stinky" it was...repeatedly. Can't say I blame her because as you can imagine, any place called "Farm Country" does smell a bit.

Here are a few photos I snapped
With each admission, every child gets a pony ride. Izzy, being my cautious one was a little nervous and I had to walk beside her pony the whole time because she would have fallen off if I weren't by her side.

Riley on her pony
Here you can see Izzy isn't too happy with the smell.
Owen and Riley having a snack, waiting for the wagon ride. I think it's funny how there is a whole, open bench and they are sitting so close together.

Owen, Riley, and Izzy on a cow bench. Poor Luke was not feeling well that day and therefore didn't want to be in any pictures.

Thanks for inviting us, Angela! We had fun!!

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Rachel said...

Riley looks so grown up! Good luck with baby #3, hope everything goes smoothly!