Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tomorrow is the day!

Stay tuned, I am scheduled to be induced sometime tomorrow. Although let's be honest, "scheduled" is being used loosely here, as I am 7th on the list...I think the nurse who called me used the term "on-call". Basically, I am on call and when they call me, I gotta get myself to the hospital promptly. It could be 7 am, it could be 2pm...but it SHOULD happen as long as there isn't some sort of crazy baby boom. Also, any of the other ladies before me could go into labor before the morning, or could decide to put it off a few days, or I COULD GO INTO LABOR. *wishing really hard!!* The good news is if you go into labor, they won't turn you away! I have to be CLOSE, right?!

But a couple weeks ago my doctor promised me it would happen, no matter how late in the day it may be.

Big, big changes! Lots of excitement. Ready or not...we are about to be a family of FIVE.

I will try to post something within a day or two. And facebook will definitely have updates :)

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