Friday, April 29, 2011

No pictures and not a whole lot to report...

...but I still felt like posting. This is definitely not a post people should even bother reading as it's more for me to remember....that not ALL nights are sleepless lately (at least not last night).

Last night I didn't get up to pee. I think it was a miracle...or a tender mercy. Or both.
See, I have NO CLUE the last time I slept through a night. I can't even say for sure I slept all night...I may have awaken once or twice, but I was able to get back to sleep immediately. (No getting up to empty my bladder!) I never heard one of the girls talk in their sleep or Travis snore. I woke up to my alarm feeling rested (the feeling didn't last long, but it was refreshing first thing this morning).

Anyway, a miracle because I get up AT LEAST twice a night to empty my bladder pretty much my whole pregnancy. And that's on good nights. There haven't been many good nights lately. A lot of times it's three or even for times that I have to roll out of bed and waddle to the bathroom. And often times I have trouble falling back asleep afterwards. Two nights ago I actually laid awake for an hour or so before I grabbed a blanket and headed downstairs to do some reading snuggled up on the couch. That eventually put me back to sleep....sitting up on the couch. I assumed I would have a sleepless night again and be up watching the royal wedding...but I slept right on through it. WHICH IS FINE WITH ME! I wasn't planning on watching, I just assumed it would be something to do when I couldn't sleep.

Anyway, YAY for not getting up to go in the middle of the night. I enjoyed it and I know there likely won't be another night like that for at least a few months.

Can't wait for there to be something CUTE to get up for instead of going potty. We (Travis and I) are so ready to meet this little girl. The girls THINK they are, but we will see how they feel once she is here and everything. I am still really nervous for the transition. And three kids still sounds really scary. But it's going to happen soon, so I am as ready as I will ever be. Hoping I don't make it to May 26th. Send some labor thoughts our way?

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Rachel said...

Hang in there!! Three kids will be crazy, but you can handle it!! :) (let me know how it goes, :)