Monday, April 11, 2011

The past couple months

Guess it is about time for an update! I have been meaning to update for months! This winter seemed really long to me. Maybe it's because our normally healthy girls caught every cough/cold/ear infection/etc possible. Before I complain, I should say I am grateful we have had such healthy kids to this point. Neither had ever had an ear infection. Well for some reason, fall hit and Riley got a sinus infection. She has since had one or two others. And I am not even kidding when I say the girls got coughs in December that lasted straight through sometime in January. Then I had them to the doctor AGAIN at the beginning of February...more coughs and colds. And coughs are the worst because they just LINGER FOREVER. And they are worse at night...which keeps ME awake, worrying about my poor kids! I thought it was the last straw when Riley got her first ear infection at the beginning of March and Izzy had yet another cough/cold. I mean, I know it's pretty good that Riley had never had an ear infection in 4 1/2 years. And Izzy hasn't ever had one and she is almost 3 1/2. BUT STILL! I kept them home from preschool a whole week thinking we would get rid of everything once and for all. WRONG.
It's like the first of April hit and Riley has her second ear infection in 5 weeks, both got some type of eye infection, and yet again--COUGHS. Coughs that have kept me up for hours on end night after night and just in case you forgot, I already can't sleep because I'm only 7 weeks away from having a baby! Every time the girls get sick I think, OK, this has got to be it, we need to get rid of this and have time to air out the germs before baby joins us. I am starting to really stress. I almost want to pull them out of preschool for the rest of April and May in hopes of not bringing anything else home. But then I remember preschool is the little shred of sanity I have these days. I don't know what to do, but luckily for the sickies, this week is spring hoping that staying home will finally get everyone better and be the last of it. But if things seem iffy at all when they return to preschool NEXT week...I don't think I will have much of a choice but to pull them out for the rest of this school year. I cannot have sick kids with a tiny newborn! I am a paranoid germaphobe.
Here are a couple recent pics of the girls. They are getting so big and they are so ready (or so they think!) to meet their baby sister.

Hard to believe we cut 6 inches off of Riley's hair at the end of September. It sure has started growing back. Izzy still has NEVER had a haircut because I know all her natural curl at the ends will never come back once we do cut it. She has no desire to get it cut it's long hair for now in this house! I'm hoping baby comes with a head full of dark hair like Riley did at birth. However, Travis and I were both REALLY blond babies and kids, we aren't sure how the girls started out darker than us!
The preschool class had a field trip to THE QUARRY in Provo at the end of March. It is a place to climb rock walls.

Riley didn't go much higher than this, but I guess it was a good start and a fun thing to try!

And Izzy seemed all gung-ho...
but once we got her all strapped in the harness, she wanted OUT. :(
Here are the two sickies this week. Laying low. At least they are pretty much best friends. Except what little sister doesn't know how to push her big sister's buttons? Izzy can really get Riley going when Riley wants a little alone time!

And as far as really good news despite all the sickies, I have been a neglectful in, I have never taken the girls to see a dentist, officially. (No, that isn't the good news, stay with me!) I finally made an appointment and thought it would be the biggest nightmare and they would have a ton of cavities...but nope! Instead, Izzy (who I thought would be a pill) was a total angel and neither girl had a single cavity. CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH?! Riley does have one spot on one of her back lower teeth but it isn't enough to call it a cavity at this point. If it becomes a hole, it will of course need filled...but for now, we are in the clear! *Sigh of relief*

Travis has been busy at work (though really, what's new?!). He just hired two new guys who are currently being trained. I am just hoping and praying they are sufficiently trained in a few weeks so that he will be able to enjoy some paternity leave. (Thank you Adobe for being awesome and giving a guy two weeks paid!) Aside from being busy at work, he fills the rest of his time with his church calling, playing with his adoring girls, and is getting ready to put our yard in over the next several Saturdays. He is getting really excited for baby too. It's cute :) Last night he told me he thinks I better get my hospital bag ready. I was happy to hear it, I had started to think about it but didn't want to seem too eager.

Now for an update on me aka...the baby I guess. The growing of a baby is pretty much consuming me right now. It's hard to think about much else when I am constantly in the bathroom, hungry, achy, exhausted, you get the idea! We painted her room. And so I have been unsure if I wanted to unveil it because her name is on the wall...but I figure why not?
The above picture has really poor lighting, but the two pictures on either side of the window are just cute flowers that match the colors we used.

And now for the dreaded belly shot. I apologize for the weird facial expression...I don't like to have my picture taken anyway but add to it that it's a pic of me alone and it's like, what am I supposed to do? I apparently can't just smile naturally. Still, I feel strongly about having a little photographic proof as a pregnancy memento. 6 1/2 weeks left! And I am starting to swell :(

My doctor put me on his schedule to induce labor May 26th if I don't go into labor before then on my own.

That's all for now! Stay tuned, I suppose. The next time I post maybe there will be a's hoping I can be more on top of blogging when she comes! I do have that goal. But I am nervous for the transition and adjustment to THREE kids.


heather and ronnie said...

Yay for a post!! Well I hope those girls get better and stay better! And Lucy is an adorable name!

Aaron ♥ Vivian said...

how exciting i cant believe you are almost due soon. the baby room is sooooooo cute! i love the different colored squares on the wall that is so cool! and her name is really cute too! take care!

Teresa said...

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theluckiest said...

Thanks for the update. Even though I just saw you I like hearing about what is going on and looking at pics. I hope all goes well and we will play again!

Amanda*Celeste said...

I am IN LOVE with her room and her name! So cute all around! I can't wait to have a home of my own where I can actually paint. For now I over compensate with decorations and it gets a little crazy. The nursery is absolutely adorable.

I hope the next few weeks fly for you. Can't wait to see the little princess. I still need to meet your girls.

Sarah Johnson said...

Jenna! Oh my gosh I am sooo excited for you!!! I LOVE the colors in the room. You are one talented little lady. And I love her name, so cute. I can't wait for you to have your baby girl!!