Saturday, June 19, 2010


Anyone who really KNOWS Travis knows he loves soccer. He grew up playing and when he can find the time, he still plays. Well, living in Utah has some perks. One of them happens to be there is a MLS (major league soccer) team here. And they rock. Last year they won the MLS cup. I think that's what it is case you don't realize, I don't know a TON about soccer, but I know enough that I find it fun to watch.
We have some friends (old soccer friends from Rexburg days) that frequent the Real Salt Lake games (that is the name of the team here). And they invited us to go to the season home opener back in April and we have been hooked ever since. When we went in April, we didn't know it was going to happen, but David Archuletta sang at half-time!

Sorry about the lame photo...That is David singing on the jumbo-tron screen thing.

I have a video of him singing....but its too large a file to upload here and I'm so tech-retarded that it would take a long time for me to edit it down.

Well, this past week RSL were playing the LA Galaxy...who they happened to play and beat for the title last year. So this game was sort of a big deal. And we decided we needed to be there. So our friends the Schanz family came down from Idaho and went to the game with us again! And THIS time, David COOK sang the National Anthem and then put on a concert after the game. Pretty sweet. I didn't know that was happening this time, either. We have picked awesome games to go to. Not just because of entertainment, but because the team tied or won.

Yep, RSL beat the Galaxy 1-0!!! It was awesome. Especially since that lone goal was scored in the the 82nd minute or something like that (it was near the end of the game).

Sorry about the pics being in reverse order. Blogger=headaches

Anyway, we are going again tonight "for Father's Day" ha ha. That's what I am telling myself. Because we couldn't really afford a this is it! We got a good deal on four tickets from someone John works with and so we are taking the girls and Rachel (Skyler's fiance) with us!!! GO REAL!!!!!

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