Saturday, June 19, 2010

Other recent pictures...

We have gotten to play with Hailee and Cam a lot lately!! Riley and Hailee even had their first sleepover at our house this week. Unfortunately I didn't take pics during the sleepover, but I have some from a different day!
Don't mind my girls hair!!! It's not done in ANY of the photos in this post. oops!!
Izzy was "stuck" in her kitchen. She didn't know how to get out. She was crying for me but when I saw why, I ran for the camera and she smiled :)

Izzy napping :)

Riley napping. This is a rare sight...she doesn't nap anymore...but this was taken the day after the sleepover. She was tired!! Missed out on about 4-5 hours of her normal sleep that night.


Such a cute pic of Hailee.

Too hard to get all 4 kids smiling and looking at me!

And here is a pic from a recent bloody nose. Both our girls are like Travis. All 3 of them get bloddy noses that are pretty bad. I never have. I think I had like, one bloody nose my entire life.

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