Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The End of the School Year

Well, Riley's first year at American Legacy Montessori Preschool ended on Thursday. Luckily there is Kindermusik camp starting next week for four weeks. But then I am sort of hoping that July and August fly by because Riley LOVES preschool!!! And I am hoping when I send both girls in the fall, Izzy loves it, too!!

Thursday there was a little graduation at Miss Rebecca's house and we had a potluck while the kids played. It was lots of fun! Riley with Miss Rebecca. Each kid received a certificate with their photo saying they had completed "Year One" of the Montessori curriculum. Super cute!!
I happened to be sitting in the perfect spot when the kids came out. Riley was the second one!! Lucky!

The kids wore dad's white dress shirts backwards for graduation gowns. How cute!

Riley with Miss Ariel
Riley with Miss Miley
Daddy with the girls
Mommy with the girls.
Izzy can't make a normal face for pics, I guess!!

The kids sang several songs that they learned throughout the year.

Can't wait for Year Two. And the FREE time I will get each week in the fall! Happy summer for now though!


dodasso said...

Thanks for the photos...always look forward to them. Nice new wallpaper too. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks.

Angela said...

Cute pictures. What a great idea to wear their dad's white shirts backwards! Love it!