Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today my husband is 28 years old!

So I of course do not want to miss the opportunity to gush over him for a few minutes!

Happy Birthday, Travis!

I love you and love celebrating your birthdays with you. I love that you are mine. For eternity. I love how great of a Dad you are to Riley and Isabelle. They adore you and I love to watch them get excited about you coming home from work everyday. Although their excitement may lead you to believe they are more excited to see you that I am, that is not the case. Inside, when I hear that garage door open my heart is singing with joy and my stomach still has butterflies. I swear. I LOVE it when you come home far more than the girls. I just contain my excitement better ;)

I have loved the 5 years we have been together. They have been lots of fun. We have made lots of memories and been through a lot. I am just glad I can honestly say you are my best friend and that I really am so happy we belong to one another. HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY (if you can at work...)

I know it isn't Halloween quite yet, but in case you are wondering why our girls are all dressed up...Riley's preschool had trunk or treat today for the students and their siblings. And so...that is why they are dressed in costumes. Not because it is Trav's birthday!


Latissa and Scott Graham said...

I just LOVE your girls!! SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!

dodasso said...

so nice...happy birthday trav

Rachel said...

Congrats on graduation! You are so awesome and such an inspiration to be able to accomplish that with two little girls! :) Happy birthday Travis!

Dot said...

Happy Birthday Travis and love the pictures!