Friday, October 23, 2009

Graduation has come and gone...

and it's hard to believe!

Man, my last several months have been busy! Where did summer go?! I didn't do so well with posting...but now I have high hopes things are going to change. My evenings are more free. And so are my days since I don't have to be studying a lot. My housework is easier to get done. I said easier, not necessarily EASY. But I will take it :)
Friday, October 16th I had graduation so I thought I better post about that somewhat important accomplishment. It was a tough year. I feel like I sacrificed a lot. I missed out on many, many evenings at home with my husband. And my family sacrificed even more. And I am glad they still love me (most days).

BUT NOW I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Monday morning (the 19th) I went straight to the Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing to get my Utah License to practice massage and bodywork. Now I am just waiting for my application to go through. Shouldn't be more than a few days now...Or at the very most a week....

I set goals for myself at the beginning of the school year and was able to reach two of the three main goals. And the one I didn't meet wasn't that big of a deal. I was hoping to get the 100% attendance award, but then I realized some evenings, it was okay to miss class if I needed it, or if my family needed it. As long as it wasn't a habbit.

I DID, however get my High Five award (meaning I gave five 1 hour massages in 5 1/2 hours for ALL 21 weeks of my clinical internship).

AND I was the ONLY one in my evening class of 22 students to graduate with a 4.0. Which is quite an accomplishment!!! I worked hard for it, I really did. So I think it's okay for me to feel a little bit proud, right? I know pride can be a bad thing, but hey, I deserve to enjoy it for a little while!
Sarah, Me, Latissa. My bestest friends in my class. I have some really other great friends from school, too though. Just not pics from graduation day.
My diploma!
Family picture afterwards. The girls were sort of done. They had just sat through an hour and a half of what was probably a really boring ceremony to them. So...they weren't gonna cooperate long for a picture!
Me, receiving my diploma

I think I was being recognized for the High 5 Award here.


heather and ronnie said...

yay for being done!! congrats lady! oh and i love your just looks so purty.

Latissa and Scott Graham said...

YAY!! I am so glad we did it! And I love the pictures! You are so pretty!