Monday, September 21, 2009

So much to do. Nationals? Check!

SO...I took my National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork this morning and PASSED! Seriously, can't even imagine my relief right now! It was a really hard test. Harder than what I expected actually. But all that matters is that it's over and I passed. $225 well spent! (Yes, it was a bit expensive!)

However, that being done doesn't mean I can breathe easy just yet. I have 7 more nights of learning and 5 nights of finals still. And apparently the Structural II final is the toughest test at UCMT. It's a 4.0 breaker. So...that is why I am stressing! I have worked too hard to mess things up now! But it 5 finals left, there is a lot of opportunities for error and breakdown :(

But I feel much better having completed that National exam :)

Riley's leg is now looking much better. (I will tell that story in my next post, promise!)

So the last thing stressing me out right now is just the uncertainty of whether or not Travis will still have a job after the next couple months. For those who haven't heard, Omniture has been acquired by Adobe. We are told they plan to keep as many positions/employees as possible. But we have no guarantees. BUT we are hopeful. Travis loves his job and it has been a wonderful job to have. We feel blessed and hope that he will still have his job in the future. Plus, Adobe is an awesome company to work for, so I hear. Keep your fingers crossed for us, please?!


Stefanie Sayre said...

congrats on your national exam! I bet that is such a relief. Don't worry you will do fine on your finals. You are so smart. And I will keep travis and his job in my prayers! Good luck with everything!

Latissa and Scott Graham said...

Everything will be fine Jenna! Just breathe!