Thursday, September 10, 2009

Riley goes to Preschool!

Last week Riley had her first week of preschool. She goes Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 9:45-12:15. She really loves it and I have to say I love it, too! The first week was a bit of an adjustment. But in more good ways than bad. For example, before, most days I had nothing to do in the mornings, so I would lounge, and lounge some more. Some days I wouldn't even shower until well after noon. NOW...I get up at 7:30 and shower. Because I don't want to drop my kid off at preschool un-showered. And because I am showered early in the day, some times that means I am more productive! (Notice I said sometimes).

SOOOO....the first week she came home really grumpy. I think it was the new's a big adjustment and they keep the kids really busy. And by the time she gets out, its lunchtime. So that equals hungry, which means GROUCHY!!
But other than that....I would say it was a SUCCESS!!!

Before heading to the first day of class!

She found her hook and hung her bag up!
After the first day, waiting to be picked up!

On Thursday they had a balloon launch to celebrate a new school year. It was sort of cute, except Riley wouldn't sing with the class...and she loves singing! What a little stinker!

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Esther Noelle said...

Um that's really cute! Wow how nice to have your mornings more free! We've got to get together one day!