Friday, September 11, 2009

If you REALLY know me...

You know I have arachnophobia. As a result of this, I can spot a spider from a mile away. Almost always. Because I am on the look out for them. In Idaho, we got a lot of what I assume were Hobo spiders. (I am almost certain they were). They were everywhere. And on occasion, they haunt my dreams. AKA, I have spider nightmares. I have for years. Since my early teen years.
I used to freak out and cry at the sight of a spider. I had to call in my mom to kill them. Ask her. But over time, I have had to kill my own spiders. And I am at the point now where I can look at one, and while inside I am freaking out, I am not crying or as freaked out for all to see.

We moved to Orem last summer and while we would get an occasional house spider, I hadn't seen anything big or even very many spiders at all thankfully. Then we bought our home. Welcome to spider hell. I found them EVERYWHERE for weeks. Not hobos, I don't think, because they were light colored and small. I can't be sure what they are or were. I am no spider expert. And SO we sprayed. And by we, I mean I PAID someone to come spray. And it definitely helped. It didn't prevent 100% of spiders, but it was a large improvement. But about 45 days later (that's about how long these sprayer people guarantee it for), I was heading down the hallway to go upstairs when a hobo jumped at me. I am not kidding. It was HORRIFYING. I had the guy come spray again. But I can't afford to do that every 45 days. No way. Since that one hobo, I have had 3 more. The latest visitor was this morning.

Now, as I said, I am no spider expert, I think this is a hobo, but does anyone know for sure?? I wasn't about to get any closer for a pic, but this was necessary!! Any closer, and I am sure this thing would have attacked. I can't even get spiders with a shoe or anything, I have spider spray. I have to poison them from a couple feet away and make sure they aren't moving before I can convince myself to get something to pick it up and dispose of it. If it weren't for the fact that I am protecting my kids, I would wait for Travis to come home and dispose of it. I am ridiculous, I know. BUT THESE THINGS ARE FREAKY!!! NIGHTMARES, PEOPLE! I am so embarrassed, but hey, I can admit it! HOW do I get rid of these things????


Rachel said...

I'm no expert either but that doesn't look like a hobo to me...good luck!

Jodi said...

EWWWWWW!!!! I hate spiders too. My neighbors all complain about hobos around here, and I think I MAY have seen one in my garage once, and I have seen a few house spiders on random occasions, but THANKFULLY we do not have a spider problem here. Good luck with the spider situation and if I were you, I'd get another spray!!!