Friday, April 17, 2009

Some pics of the house....FINALLY

Ok...I first have to say, there are no pics of a couple rooms still because...well, just because. And even the pics that I have posted...those rooms aren't exactly as "finished" as we would like them to be. But people have been asking for pics, so here you go. These first two are of Isabelle's room. Not much to see. Her closet is a mini walk-in but not organized totally yet so I didn't take a picture inside. The girls rooms need painted and pictures and what not need hung up still...but this is a start.
This next group is Riley's room. It is WAY too white. All her furniture is white so against the walls...its just too bright! So we will definitely be painting or something in here, hopefully soon. As you can see she has a double-door closet.

Probably one of my favorite things about the house is the kitchen! I just love the cupboard space, the new, black appliances, and granite counter tops (although a darker color would have been more favorable in my opinion, we chose from series one colors because it came standard and going up to the next series would have been $1500 more--at least. Although, the light color doesn't look bad at all).

Beside the fridge is a pantry and right around to the left of the pantry is a door that goes into the garage.

I LOVE that we have an island, too! More counter space= always a plus!

Dining area. But really, the living, kitchen and dining rooms are all one big area. Please excuse the ab lounge....not sure where to put it permanently yet....and I realize I should have taken these photos in the evening...because the light is weird. We haven't put window coverings up in the dining the window lets in a TON of light.

Living room...again, the light coming in is too much through those you can't really see them very well.

At least the living room has stuff on the walls :) It's a start

This picture is taken from the hallway upstairs looking down to the front door.

And this is what you see when you walk in the front can go up the steps or back the hallway to the living/kitchen/dining area.

Half bathroom. Not much to see at this point

Standing in the living room looking at the front door. To the left is the half bath which you cannot see and a closet that is large as it is the space under the steps.

This is part of upstairs, the hallway that leads to our room. On the left is the laundry room and on the right a closet. Our room is straight ahead then sort of right, I guess.

Laundry. I would like to put a shelf above the washer and dryer.

So as you can see I didn't show the girls bathroom, master bed/bath/closet, or the guest room/my massage room. I will eventually; hopefully soon :) One reason I have been putting this off is because the pictures just don't do it justice. The rooms are spacious and the layout and different angles in some rooms and closets are fun and make it different. AND my mom is flying in tomorrow...and I want her to see it in person because it's SO much better, in my opinion. The best thing is that we have double the space we had in our last apartment and much more space than we have ever had....ever :) The yard isn't in yet (not that there is much of one). So below is a picture of one of the other homes in this development. It is a twin home and we are on the right if you are outside looking at the house. Another great feature is the two car garage and it is deep :) I love the storage space. Between the garage, 3 hall closets, and a crawl space that you can access above the laundry room there is TONS of storage! We also have a patio our back and mill maybe fence in what small yard we do have once it is in :) A lot of people assume it's not very big when they first see it from the outside, but are surprised after coming. It's a bit deceiving.


Brooke said...

Yay for pictures! Congrats on the awesome house. I too love the kitchen.

Shawn, Tiffany n' our Little Munchkins said...

Love your new place! The kitchen is nice and I too love islands. As for the ab lounger, it's exactly where it the food room!! Eat and then hop on, baby! I should get one for my dining room!! You have your work cut out for you...emptying boxes, painting, etc. but, I think that's the best part of moving. Starting fresh! Hope you're enjoying and congrats!!

Megan said...

Wow Jenna! The house is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! The girls are getting so big too! Isabel isn't a baby anymore! Ah! It goes so fast! Hope school is going well! Enjoy your visit with your mom and tell her I said hello!

Jodi said...

Cool Jenna. I am glad you finally have a place to call your own now! That is always exciting! Looks great.

Mike and Andrea said...

What a cute home! Congrats! It is such an exciting time. I love your black appliances!

Nate and Jenny said...

Jenna, you have no idea how jealous I am right now. Your house is gorgeous and it looks like you have lots of room! So, I decided that I'm going to be a better blogger and update mine more often and look at others more often. So I just have a few questions, what is the massage room for? Is that what you are going to school for? And where do you guys live now? I would like your current address. But you can just e-mail that to me. This summer we are going to be around Utah so we would love to come see you guys!