Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just for Randee...

who is apparently sick of checking and seeing that my ear infection post has been the last one I wrote for...almost THREE weeks.

We have been busy, remember?? And I am not going to post pics right now, but hopefully soon!! We are all moved in to the new place. I know there are some who want pics of that...but right now its still a work in progress. We don't even have pictures up on the walls yet. Because I want to be absolutely sure of where we want them before putting holes in our beautiful, untouched walls. :)

Today is such an exciting day...because Skyler comes home from his mission!!!! We are driving up tomorrow night (to Coeur d'Alene, ID) and will get in early Friday morning. Only to spend a couple days with Trav's family and then drive home Sunday night/Monday all day....bummer. But we are all SOOOO excited to see Sky after two years of him being on a mission. Riley was about 7.5 months old when he left. We have talked about Sky with her a lot over the past two years and pray for him at night so she is pretty excited to actually re-meet him :) In fact...this morning at 2:30 am she woke up and when I went to get her settled back to sleep, she was up and wanting to go see Skyler. Cute!

Anyway, it IS sooooo nice to have Internet again after 11 days without it. Yes, I almost DIED. So YAY! for that...and YAY for Skyler coming home from the Philippines....and YAY for pictures....SOON. ;)

Sorry so lame Randee, but at least you don't have to read the words, "Guess who has an ear infection????" haha
See you soon!! Can't wait.


Shawn, Tiffany n' our Little Munchkins said...

You guys do have a lot going on!! Still, I'm with Randee, no excuse for not keeping everyone posted! :) Post pics of your new place soon. We'll have to come visit. Are you in IF? I'm SO out of the loop!

Have a great trip!

Randee said...

Haha, thanks! PS. You look hot in that new pic. The picture of Darcy is hucking filarious.