Monday, November 22, 2010

I don't even know where to begin!

I am SO behind on updating this thing! And I am so mad at myself for letting it get so out of control.
Things I haven't posted about include:

-Riley's 4th Birthday. WOW. Can't believe she will start kindergarten next year!
-Our family pics that we won! (see a previous post from August)
-Riley getting 6 inches chopped off her hair
-Trav's 29th Birthday
-My sister getting hired at Adobe and moving here! YAY!!
-and probably so much more that I am forgetting about.

So ready for the catching up?!
Friends at Riley's birthday party
Riley's birthday present from Grandma Barb is this cute cowgirl puppet the girls call Freida. Riley got lots of wonderful gifts!

Izzy and Luke
Cam, Owen, Riley, Hailee....I had the kids sit on the floor around this table cloth and decorate their own cupcakes. Can you say MESSY?! We also played some games, opened presents, and handed out treat bags. Not sure I am the right person for throwing kids parties. I don't think I was organized enough or prepared for the craziness of 10 kids. Even with all the help I had!

In September BOTH girls started preschool and I got my hair colored DARK like I have been wanting. We visited Temple Square when Aunt Maria visited...and toured the Conference Center because Maria had never done that. We had family pics taken then Riley got her haircut. SIX whole inches. And for the most part people don't even notice because she still has lots of hair, but when I see pics of her with her long hair, I miss it. It's definitely nice not to have to deal with washing and brushing and styling as much hair as before though!
With Aunt Ria on the roof of the Conference Center
My new dark hair color!
Silly pic, but this was saying good bye to the kids when I took them to preschool
Walking into first day of preschool. Bittersweet. It's lonely without Izzy who was home with me last year...but SO nice to have a little bit of FREE time to do whatever I want with NO KIDS!
Oh! And Travis got called into the Elders Quorum Presidency at church and they asked him to shave his facial hair off. So here I am being sentimental and taking a pic before he shaved. I think he actually looks younger without it and I am used to it now but at first, the girls and I were so sad that he was shaving :( The girls cried! lol.
Our family pics!!! It was a mostly good experience since we had never had any taken...but as you can see...Izzy didn't really cooperate! TWO YEAR OLDS! AH! The photographer took almost 200 pics and I don't think we have single GENUINE smile from Isabelle. Oh well. By the way, photos courtesy of Josh at PVM Photography in Rexburg, ID.

For Halloween the girls were: Peter Pan.... (this is Riley post-haircut. See how much hair she STILL has?!)........and Tinkerbell! SO cute. Costumes courtesy of Grandma Debbie. (Grandmas are the BEST!)

For Adobe's Halloween party Travis decided to make a costume in hopes of winning one of their two $1000 prizes. So he decided to build a Lego Man costume!
This was the work in progress
And this was the final product. Luckily, the hard work MORE THAN paid off....because he won $1000!!!!!!!

Travis turned 29 on October 28th and so we went on an overnight getaway to Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake. John and Dana kept our girls overnight. We have never had a night away from the kids, just the two of us. In fact, in over 4 years, I had never had a night away from kids. So this was much needed and it was so fun. Can't say thanks enough to an awesome aunt and uncle for being brave enough to accept two extra kids for a night...and two kids who had never not had mom around at that.

I also mentioned that my younger sister interview and was hired on at Adobe. She works in the Order Management department. Congrats to her!! I know coming to Utah from Albuquerque wasn't an easy thing to do, but it's so nice to have her here.

And as for me...I worked a TON in September and have managed to keep fairly busy since. For now, I guess that is enough of an update...but stay tuned for more, soon!


Brian/Heather Norton said...

WHAT!? They made you shave your beard off? That's preposterous! I would have told said, "No!" then start listing off all of the prophets and church leaders who had beards. :) Well at least you got the nice family portraits before you shaved it. Oh yeah and congrats on the call too.

Latissa Marie Graham, L.M.T said...

Ya, shaving the beard thing is pretty stupid!! But hey, you are missing something! How about the fact that you are PREGNANT! Hello! That is big! I want a post all about that! Awesome Travis won that award! His costume was so cool!