Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anderson Family Reunion 2010

Some things are better late than never, right?

At the beginning of August a bunch of Carl and Naomi's posterity gathered for a reunion that happens once every other year. These things are always so fun! Percy planned this year's and it was really amazing. I just wish there had been even more of a turn out! Try for 2012, okay guys??! The girls and I watched people float the river. There goes Grandpa John!
Travis floating behind Isaac, Liz, and family
Sitting watching people float....
Richard and Crystal
Izzy Jane....such a cheeseball lately.

We had a family home evening one night where Percy had Roger talk about being a patriarch and Char spoke about the role of a matriarch. It was really awesome and we got to hear all 6 of Granny and Papa's kids and 5 spouses share things they had been taught by Carl and Naomi. It was awesome. Percy and Jozette even compiled a book of memories for Granny and Papa and a lot of the family contributed. It was really neat!

The grandkids playing a hymn...
Check out this family!!! And there were a lot of people missing this photo! Some had been there and left already, and others couldn't make it this year.
Granny and Papa with all six of their kids: Roger, Percy, Mary, Dot (who is hidden), Martha, and John
Granny and Papa with the grandkids who were there the morning of pictures. Missing: Brandon Hanson, Johnny, Skyler, and Randee Anderson, Darcy Pingel, Brooke Mills, Emily Lindblom, Mitch Lash, Crystal Taylor, Isaac and Shawn Eaton. I figured it would be easier to name who wasn't in the photo than who WAS. But maybe not! Hopefully I didn't forget anyone! As you can tell, there were a lot who missed photos!
Granny and Papa with half of their great-grankids. (15 of the 30)
Martha and Kurt's family with Granny and Papa minus Brandon, Emily, and Collin who had left before pictures
Dot and Rich's family with Granny and Papa. Lots missing here, too. (Eleven, I think?)
Percy and Jozette's family with Granny and Papa. Way to all show up guys! ;)
Roger and Char's family with close to half missing
Jacque, Tyler, and Family. CUTE kids!!!
Martha, Jim and family. Mitch and his new bride weren't there because they had JUST gotten married days before. Lexi was napping, and Nicole's husband Rob couldn't make it due to work

John and our family. Most disappointing turn out! Unfortunately due to work, money, etc Travis was the only one of the 5 kids to show up. The girls had a blast being able to play with grandpa John!

Overall, it was a fun time. I just wish more of the family could have made it. We only gather once every two years so its fun to be able to visit, catch up, and meet new members of the family.

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