Monday, January 4, 2010

December is over...

and I am glad because it was B-U-S-Y! Maybe now I will be able to breathe. But probably not. Oh well. At any rate, it was crazy and packed full of fun and THAT is why, once again, I am BEHIND in posting. This is going to be one mammoth post. So I am sorry, bear with me, etc.

December started off really great because I updated this darn blog and got all caught up. But then I fell to pieces trying to get things done for the holidays. Go figure. I think we will skip Christmas next year. Just call me the Grinch but it took a lot out of me. Thankfully by the time it actually rolled around I was pretty happy. The girls got overly spoiled and so did Travis and I, really.

I was just going through my pictures of the month of December and I am not joking when I say I wrote down 105 that I liked enough to maybe post. Now....that's just the ones that turned out decent. I probably took triple that. And I wasn't in a single one. Typical. I obviously don't want to sit here and upload that many, so I will try my best to narrow that number down...A LOT.

So....where to begin...

Isabelle turned TWO on December 10th. Yes, I am a little sad. But she is so fun right now that I don't mind that much. But we really don't have a BABY any more at all. She speaks in full sentences and is SO, so smart. She is strong and rambunctious and so funny. She hops and runs everywhere and has some nice muscular legs to show for it. She seems more coordinated than Riley...who is a little more clumsy and seems to be in her own world a little more than her little sister. They are two very different personalities that clash on occasion but they are the best of friends. They are quick to tell on each other when the other is being "naughty" and thankfully, quick to forgive.

Isabelle opening gifts. She was a little slow, but it was great practice for Christmas morning. Which went a lot faster! She got some pots and pans...which was a preview to what Santa brought the girls for Christmas. A gorgeous kitchen to share. Photos to come of that later.

Opening Grandma and Grandpa Anderson's gift to her. A very cool laptop that Santa considered bringing...but good thing he didn't!
Big girl. No baby any more :(
She is naked because she had a blow out diaper DURING her party. I know, she is two, we thought blow outs were a thing of the past, too. Apparently you are never too old for a blow out (if you are still in diapers, that is). Hopefully potty training will be happening soon. Less than 6 months is my hope. Immediately is my dream.

Isabelle trying on some of her fairy dress up stuff.

Also in December the girls wore these new, beautiful dresses that Grandpa Gary bought. Aren't they gorgeous? (The dresses, not the girls...the girls were NOT cooperating on this morning!) Silly girls. We couldn't get just a normal, stand together and smile photo.
Isabelle being uncooperative, she turned to run as I was taking a picture!

In massage room FINALLY got painted. And while it still isn't fully decorated, this was a huge improvement. WHITE walls are NOT relaxing! So finally one morning Travis just started taping it off (perhaps because we had just begun reading "The Five Love Languages" together?). I had only been asking him to paint it for...3 months, maybe 4? ha ha. And I even gave him the freedom to go choose the paint color without me knowing what it was. I put my full trust in him and he did not disappoint. So the room is still a work in progress like the rest of our house and my life, but it looks MUCH better already! I LOVE the green walls!
Also, the red curtains have got to go...I know! But I need to have something over the window for now and I have had those for years, so that is what works for now.

Before shot. Here is part of the room taped off and all the furniture pushed to the middle of the room. It was such a mess!

Riley's preschool went to a nursing home for their December field trip and sang some songs for the people who were there. It was sort of cute. I mean, what can you expect from 2-5 year olds? But it was a photo-op, nonetheless.

After the program, Izzy and I hung out at school for a little while.

Riley is smallish, but her friend Tierney is TINY!

On December 18th Travis had surgery to get the hardware in his wrist removed that had been put in 5 years ago when he broke it playing indoor soccer. We had to be at the hospital at 5:45 am. They didn't even take him back to surgery until after 7. Surgery was expected to last 45 minutes to an hour. An hour and a half later, a nurse found me in the waiting room and told me the doctor had just called from the OR to give me an update. Travis was fine but they were having trouble removing one of the screws. Apparently it wouldn't budge. So it would be a little while longer. Just after two hours had passed, the doctor came out and told me that surgery went well but I was going to have to wait at least an hour while Travis was in recovery. They ended up just breaking off that difficult screw down in the bone where is shouldn't cause problems because it is so stuck there it won't budge. Travis was hilarious in recovery from coming out of anesthesia. He couldn't keep his eyes open and I wish I had counted how many times he told me how tired he was. I estimate it was roughly 30 times. Seriously. He was going to have to keep his arm totally wrapped and not use it for two whole weeks. We called the doctor's office ten days later to get in and have it unwrapped and stitches removed. He was feeling so great and has had a good recovery. Before the nurse unwrapped it and removed his stitches
After the stitches came out
X-rays. There are still some things in there, obviously. He hasn't had any problem with ulnar side where that long screw is. So they left that one in there. But they did remove two plates and 7 or 8 screws from his radius. You can see where the radius meets the carpal bones that little spec-that is the screw they broke off below the bone.
Also, its a little hard to see but if you look closely, you can see lots of little "holes" in the bone...that's where screws used to be. So hopefully in a months time those fill up and this bone is nice and strong. He is also working on his range of motion and I will be massaging to help his recovery. We don't want physical therapy to be suggested when he sees the doctor the first week of February.
Also, notice the date...stitches came out on my birthday, so happy birthday to me. ha ha

For Christmas (23rd-28th) we went to Coeur d'Alene to be with Trav's family. It was a fabulous trip for several reasons...first off, there has been hardly any snow this year. Which meant clear roads and mountain passes. We bought tire chains that we didn't even need going there OR coming home. That was my Christmas miracle. And I thank my Heavenly Father for it. I dread that drive in winter. Or rather I dread the ride, while my husband drives, but either way, I am usually SO anxious and this year there was no need to be! I also got to work (aka give a few massages) while I was there and made a few extra dollars (which helps with gas...or paying off student loans, whatever). Christmas was so wonderful. John and Barb had all five of their kids home which made for a house full. There were 15 of us in one house for a few days. After Christmas morning ended Travis and I decided to check into a hotel and have our own space to sleep at night. It was nice because I like to have my own space to get away to if I need it. Can't help it, that's just how I am! It was Travis's suggestion and I thought it was considerate of him. Christmas miracle #2. ha ha

I have so many pictures of Christmas eve and Christmas morning I don't know what to post and what to leave out. But here's my attempt. And they are all out of order. Hailee and Riley. Riley is into making the cheesiest faces for pictures right now.
Our sweet Isabelle.
Camryn. This is the best solo shot of her I could get.

Cousins. All 4 girls. Only Anderson cousin missing is 7-week old Jack. Who the girls all adore. And so do I!
It proved incredibly difficult to get any GREAT photos of all 4 at once. So I took about 30. And still wasn't all that pleased with the results :P
Grandma Barb bought these matching pj's and hats. So cute! Oldest to youngest Hailee (5), Riley (3 1/2), Isabelle (2), Camryn (1 1/2)

Grandpa with Jack on Christmas morning. I didn't really get pictures of Jack, I took more videos of him. He is so, so sweet!
Christmas eve with Santa!
Santa reading The Night Before Christmas
Isabelle was a cow in the family nativity. It was hilarious because she followed that dog around ALL NIGHT. And the dog just kept trying to get away from her and she just kept following him. The dog was a good sport and so patient with her though!
Riley was a sheep in the nativity

Mmmm Izzy kisses are the best. :)

Riley coloring with Uncle Dan after Christmas dinner

The chaos that was Christmas morning. I know two people who will kill me for posting this picture. Sorry.

Hailee turned FIVE on Christmas. Happy Birthday!!
Our girls LOVE their Uncle Johnny :)
Finally, December ended with us being home for my birthday. And I have discovered, Thanks to Travis, a delightful cake store in Sandy that is called NOTHING BUNDT CAKES. And I am addicted. So in a snow storm, we trekked up to Sandy for dinner and to pick up my Lemon bundt cake with cream cheese frosting. Pretty sure it was worth it. At least I think I am. The scale disagrees. That sort of sums up December. And that is the very short, very edited version. It was so, so busy. I know I said that already but it was and I am glad it is over. Happy 2010.


heather and ronnie said...

I remember when Travis broke his arm...

Looks like ya'll had a good Holiday!

Brooke said...

You guys have lots of December birthday! What a fun Christmas... maybe next time when we are well and you guys are up we can do something. Your girls are getting soo big. But soo adorable.