Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sister Missionary

I got a call last week from my mom who informed me that a Young Woman from the branch I grew up in was going on a mission. JoLayne Cline. I hadn't seen her for years, probably the last time I really talked to her was 4-5 years ago. So I was pleasantly surprised to learn she was heading out here. She has no family out here and didn't know anyone in Utah until someone back home hooked us up. I picked her up at the airport yesterday and she hung out with our family for one evening. Then this morning I took her to the MTC and dropped her off. I felt really badly not staying with her but I know she is pretty independant, she is a grown girl, after all. But she told me she was feeling really nervous so I felt bad for her. She decided to go on a mission hoping that maybe she would get to go somehwere exotic and Spanish speaking (she has been living in Hawaii the last while)....but no luck. She will be serving in the Utah Ogden mission!!! I hope she likes Utah. I know she will have lots of wonderful experiences. The girls really liked playing with someone new and I think Sister Cline actually had fun with them, too :)
Here is a photo before we headed to the MTC

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