Thursday, November 8, 2007

This pregnancy... almost over-- THANK GOODNESS! With only a little over a month until this baby is born I am getting more and more ready and anxious. While I am worried about the adjustment it will be to add a new baby to the family I am more relieved that I am almost done with my second pregnancy. Riley has no idea how drastically her world is about to change and I feel so bad for her! She has been the center of our universe for the last 15 months (or longer if you include my pregnancy with her). But I think she will handle the change fairly well. It will be fun for her a couple of years down the road when she has a playmate. We talk about Izzy with her but I am sure she doesn't understand what's about to happen.

Anyway...I look forward to taking a break and taking care of myself once this child makes her appearance. It's been pretty hard on my body this time around because I was not ready to go through another pregnancy so soon after the first. But you know what they say, what doesn't kill us...only makes us stronger. As long as I don't lose my sanity in the next few months I might believe that. :P Travis might actually like me again, too... that'll be nice! I'm crossing my fingers. Some days it's a miracle he lives with me. At least I can admit that I am a miserable mess while I am pregnant. If we based how many kids we were going to have on my pregnancies alone this would be it. But I am sure a couple years from now when our girls are potty trained and such we will be ready for another's just not something either of us want to think about for awhile!

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