Monday, November 26, 2007

The new baby will arrive....

on Friday, December 14th. (unless I go into labor before then). Yep, I saw my doctor today and we set a date to be induced. Which I am excited about because Riley was an induced baby as well so it's all I know! The thought of going into labor scares me to death. I don't know what to expect. On the morning I went in to have Riley I was already dilated to almost 4 cm though. And right now I am at 1.5 cm with this little girl. She has been quite a pain though. I am far more uncomfortable this time around. I am feeling lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions and some of them are quite painful. They take my breath away and I have to brace myself if I am standing or find a seat quickly to avoid falling over. I feel like a wimp because although when I was pregnant with Riley I was achy and sore it was not even comparable to this! Some days are better than others but this late in the game its tough. I feel more tired everyday and so its really a blessing that I have Travis home with me and have had him around the past few months...although an income would be nice to have back soon! :)We both feel that way I think, as Travis is quite bored with sitting at home daily I think. I know its frustrating but it isn't for lack of trying to find a job...just not the great timing I guess. I am not sure what Riley and I will do without him once he goes back to work. Especially since she is so fond of her daddy and I am going to have my hands full with a newborn! We are looking so forward to this pregnancy coming to an end and we may change our minds once the sleepless nights are here but even then I doubt it! Aside from that, there's nothing new to report. We are looking forward to the Christmas holiday and getting to be with all of Trav's family in Coeur d'Alene. Just pray for a good delivery and healthy baby so we can make the trip! She will be only 10 or 11 days old for her first Christmas! Hopefully Riley feels a baby sister is the best gift she gets because she isn't getting spoiled by Santa. She is too young to know the difference anyway... and she will get gifts from her grandmas and grandpas. I will try to post a pregnant picture of myself on here before I pop...just so everyone can see how big my belly is!

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Maria said...

I'm gonna be there to see you in all your glory haha. Get excited. Put some more pictures up!

With love, your favorite sister, favorite sister-in-law, and favorite aunt.