Friday, October 21, 2011


They each have their own look. And 3 different colored sets of eyes. Riley's are brown, Izzy's hazel, and Lucy's blue.

Who do you think they look like? We have heard every combination. I have had people tell me Izzy looks like Travis, that Riley looks like him, and even that Lucy looks like him. (But I have only heard that about Lucy twice). To me, there is no mistaking that Izzy looks like him. Oh my gosh. I look at that girl and see her dad. Always.

Then I have heard that each of them look like me. I recently had someone tell me about Izzy, "She looks just like you, Jenna." Which was so funny to me because as I said, I see all Travis. I have never really seen myself in the older two. But when Lucy came along, I remember Trav handing her to me at the hospital after her bath and asking me if it was like looking in a mirror. And it was...a little bit in a weird way. I just saw more of me and my side of the family. As she has grown and changed (as babies do) I still see more of me in Lucy, but she is definitely just another good mixture of us. We have beautiful babies :)


Angela said...

I think Riley looks totally like Travis, Izzy looks like you and Lucy is Izzy's twin! LOL. No matter what, they are cute girls!

Mikelle and Nate said...

Those are cute pics with their eyes close up like that. That is crazy they all have different eye colors! Wow! They are all so cute and very different looking from each other.