Friday, February 26, 2010

I cannot keep up!

I can hardly believe that we are two full months into this year already. Where is time going? Why do I seem to have less and less of it?! It's just not fair!

Here are the latest happenings around here.

One afternoon the girls were watching a movie and this is how I found Isabelle, passed out on Riley.

We took the girls to their first BYU basketball game where they fell in love with Cosmo, the cougar mascot and got to yell for the cougs. "GO COUGARS" !!!! Having fun watching some basketball

Impossible to get them both to cooperate for photos still. Blah!

Izzy sleeps. Any time, any where if she is bored enough.

We don't let her stay in weird/uncomfortable positions. We will find her, take the photo-op and then move her to her bed. I just love pictures of our girls sleeping. They are so peaceful and perfect :)

Oops! Woke her up that time. :)

On February 8, Riley got her first ever hair trim. I had never trimmed her hair in her almost 3 1/2 years of life. And while Riley did try it once herself (back in September) it wasn't enough to count as a haircut!
Getting ready to lose a few inches

Fresh, clean ends! Love it.
The above photo was Before the hair cut.

Izzy is not so fond of having her picture taken...

Riley hiding her face
But what a CUTE face it is!

My sweet friend Rachael helped me make this magnet board for Riley's room. YAY for taking up some space on the MASSIVE pink wall. Also, check out the chair rail! That board is really centered on the wall. Sorry about the weird angle!

My dad visited for Valentine's weekend and this is the best picture I could get of him with BOTH of our girls. The individual ones of him with the girls turned out better

And of course, I don't want to forget to post that February 18th marked FIVE years of wedded bliss for this man and myself.

Yep, five whole years. And an eternity to go.
I LOVE HIM. and he puts up with me. somehow. :)
Lucky me.

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Latissa and Scott Graham said...

Oh my goodness Jenna I HAVE to come see you and the girls!! I miss you all sooooo much! Ok, when can I come? Seriously? They are so adorable!