Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March madness...

and I'm not talking basketball. We have been busy around here lately. March started off of course with my surgery on the 2nd. I missed that whole week of school. Which messed up my attendance...and I had been aiming for 100%...and I can achieve that if I make up those hours but that is almost 16 hours worth of classes I need to make up and I don't have anyone to leave the girls with. So...I am sort of giving up right now. We will see, I will have the chance to make them up anytime before I graduate, but that is an excessive amount of hours to make up. The week following surgery was finals week. So it was a little difficult for me, being sore and on drugs. But I was able to get A's on all of my finals. Yes, I have managed to maintain my 4.0. YAY!! This week my third quarter started. My classes this quarter are Anatomy III, Pathology I, Cranial/Sacral Therapy, Movement, Sports massage, and then my clinical internship begins in May. Craziness.

Also, we gave our 30 days notice to vacate our apartment by the 31st. And while the new house is nearly ready now, finally. I don't feel prepared to move. AH!!! But we are really, really excited. It's amazing how quickly things have gotten done...once we put the pressure on them to do so. When we first saw the place, it was just a shell. The outside was finished, but was not near complete. just walls and light fixtures. And it sat that way for weeks. Finally last week the work began. Since then, all the tile has been laid and most of it grouted....we hope the rest of the grouting happens today. Kitchen cupboards, counter tops, and sink went in. The appliances are all sitting in the garage, waiting to be installed, the carpet was totally laid yesterday, door knobs were put on all the bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, etc., clothes rods are up in closets, vanities, sinks, and counter tops are in the bathrooms (with the exception of the pedestal sink in the half bath), and all 3 toilets are in!!! So...I think that's about it...there is just a lot going on over there. Oh, last night someone was putting the air vent covers yes, its exciting to see so much progress so fast. We hopefully close early next week. Yes, so soon!! we will see if it's ll complete and appraised. That's the last step. Our loan is ready to wish us luck with the move, I guess. And come visit us in American Fork, UT :) I will post pictures as soon as I have a minute to breathe.

I am also battling a cold/sore throat/etc. right that has been fun.


Rachel said...

yea!! that is so exciting! good for you guys!

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the house! start feeling better girl- I wish you were closer I'd come take care of you!