Monday, January 12, 2009

Just a post... help me remember a milestone...

Keep in mind, my blog is sort of my I get on here to make notes to myself that I want to be able to come back and remind myself of some day.

Isabelle did something genius today....(not really...but I think so!)

To set up the story: I am trying to potty train Riley. For real this time (I hope!!!)

Riley used the potty last night for #1.

So this morning when she woke up I sat her down again and she did a #1...

I put a Dora pull up on her and a little while later she went #2 (on the potty!!)

She has sat on the potty probably 8 times today. Not bad, considering it's not even 2 pm. I want her trained so badly! She did pee once in her pull up....but I was in the shower. So it wasn't her fault, I don't think. Then she told me she needed to go, so I set her on it and she was just playing...and I was frustrated. Isabelle was just waking up from a nap so I ran in, grabbed Isabelle, told Riley to get off the potty...and Set Izzy down. Not 30 seconds later...Isabelle had peed in the potty!!! YAY Izzy! Way to show big sissy how it is done! I have no intention of training Izzy right now...but should she show interest in using it again, that's great. I just needed to record she actually used the potty at 13 months and two days of age. Riley's first pee in the potty was 13 months 2 weeks and 6 days old. (Oct. 13, 2007) So we will see how they compare in the future...not that it matters. It's not really to compare them, but to record milestones in their lives :)

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