Saturday, April 12, 2008

Isabelle's first experience with rice cereal

I know she gagged a little at first but compared to Riley's first time with rice cereal I would call this a total success. Riley had one little taste and cried and didn't want to open her mouth for anything after the first bite. I think Izzy was definitely ready though because she will open her mouth if anything (and I mean ANYTHING) comes remotely toward it. She also loves chewing on things and loves to watch us eat. Keep checking back as I hope to get a video on here of her giggling in the next few days if I can!


Maria said...

I bought your kids some nice presents last week but don't know when and where to send them to.

Gallant Family said...

How fun! It's too bad it takes longer to feed them that way versus nursing, but it is fun to see them try new things. She is totally ready for that stuff. Good luck. Let me know if you guys need help moving this week.
Take care.

Cramanda said...

hey miss jenna! i finally have a blog spot and i hope you don't mind that i added you to my friends links.'re girls are gorgeous and i can't believe what a mommy you are! :)

enjoy moving! we just moved recently as well...and it's crazy. and i don't even ahve kids to worry about!