Monday, March 31, 2008

I needed a break...

from packing. Yes, I have begun the process...and I am so over it already. I am sick of moving. This will be our 6th place in the 3 years we have been married. We have just over two weeks but considering it is nearing the end of tax season Travis is busy working long hours and I am on my own. This move is coming at the worst time but we didn't want to pay more rent where we are because we are getting a much better deal over in Rexburg. So yeah, I am packing up... But like I said, I needed a break. My kids have been neglected today since I am trying to pack but luckily they both had decent naps. I think Riley is coming down with something. She definitely isn't herself. She is SO whiny when she doesn't feel well. She has cried all day. Where is a grandma when you need one??? I have posted some new pictures. It is getting more and more difficult to get Riley to cooperate for pictures. I think she is sick of the camera. And she is too busy to sit still. Anyway, if there are no new pics in the next few weeks, you know it is because I am busy packing and cleaning... blah. Isabelle spends a lot of time in her swing. She loves it and it is a life saver.
I finally have some pictures of me with the kids. This is a rarity.
Mommy's girls And here is one of Travis and I together, another rarity. I took it myself since we have no recent pics of us together.
I love snapping pictures of my girls sleeping.
The only problem is I wake them up half the time. The flash is hard to sleep through.
Isabelle hanging onto the toy, sleeping. Sweet little girl! It is hard to capture her smile still...but we see it all the time!


Aunt Ria said...

You're so pretty!!! Don't you just love your hair??? I do.

Brooke said...

Your girls are soo adorable and you look beautiful! It was so good to see you, good luck on the move.

Gallant Family said...

I have had this conversation with my sisters: there are never pictures of us with the kids because we are the ones that grab the camera. I don't know about Travis, but Pete doesn't think to take the pictures. So, there are lots with dad and the kids, but not mom and the kids. I would love to come help you design your blog page. Next week on Monday or Friday would be the best for me. Either house would be fine. You can call me, or I'll give you a call this weekend (it's conference, so I won't see you at church). Sorry this is so long...your pictures are awesome. I'll talk to you soon!