Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

A little grin! Sooooo adorable when she smiles!
Wow! That's some really static hair!The following are Riley sleep pictures. I can't help myself because she falls asleep in the weirdest positions and places. The first two are on the steps. Yes, it is dangerous, I know but we watch her fall asleep, take the picture, then carry her to her bedroom. Another one is when she fell asleep on the kitchen floor and the other she is in Izzy's bouncy seat

Riley with her favorite treat, a popsicle. Which she calls a "sicle" So cute!
I figured it's about time for me to post some newer pictures considering it's been another MONTH already. Isabelle is two months old already! She just got her two month shots on Tuesday (FUN). She is getting so big. She has changed a lot and is even starting to smile and coo. It is the cutest thing and makes all the late nights I spend awake with her worth it. One of these days maybe she will straighten out her nights and days....hopefully soon! We blessed Isabelle on Sunday, so above is our most recent family picture. Also coming soon...Izzy's big, adorable smile if we can catch it at the exact right moment. It's very sweet!

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The Pingels said...

So cute!

Holy cow... the pictures of Riley asleep on the stairs are SO FUNNY. I laughed out loud... twice.